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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> this is a breaking news alert. jummy: more on the breaking news at the us temple airport in a moment but we want to begin with breaking news closer to home, prince george's county, a former teacher's aide has just been charges on nearly 300 including child abuse and child pornography. a maryland bureau
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in upper marlboro with the breaking details. as you said, 270 separate distinct charges, allegations of child pornography , child sexual abuse, this having to do with the actions that deonte carraway is alleged to have taken while he was a teacher's aide at an elementary school, he had access to children and the allegations are he was taking children to various hidden places in the school and to homes and public holdings in the glenarden area, he was abusing them and recording that abuse on camera. than one dozen victims at last count, 17 victims, these charges will relate to individual circumstances, allegations of abuse against those children's on a number of occasions.
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he is locked up, behind bars on a no bond status, he has also been indicted in federal court on child pornography charges, if convicted on those charges in federal court he are pretty faces more than 100 years in prison, these are state charges, much more on this coming up, the state's attorney calling a 2:30 press conference to talk about this action. jummy: thank you. also following new details from the terror attack in turkey, one of the world's easiest airports turned into the scene of gunfire, bombs, and carnage, 40 people were killed and more than 200 others injured. we look at the airport in istanbul which is open again, marci gonzalez brings us the latest on the investigation. is one ofrport which the busiest in the world is already back open after the attack, some of the poorer and
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new video of the terror inside is temples international terminal appeared to show airport security footage as one of the bombs goes off. the blast during the final days of ramadan sending panicked passengers running. >> people were shooting on one side and we ran the other way, then bombs went off and people ran the other way and more shooting. appearsf the attackers to hit the ground, shot by police, gunfire through the terminal. >> he was praying, nonstop, automatic rifles. -- spraying, nonstop, automatic rifles. >> than a third bomb outside of the airport as people waited for taxes and to greet loved ones. more than 40 people killed, including the three attackers, more than 200 others injured. >> i saw people falling coming down the steps.
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responsibility. turkey's prime minister believes isis was behind the attack. in response, increased security at some airports in the u.s., and this likely attack in brussels raises questions over whether secondary security checkpoints are needed outside of american airports. airports around the country are taking no chances. a terminal at new york's jfk airport had to be evacuated after someone reported an unintended back, percy kreuz including the gas emergency crews responded -- emergency crews responded and it took an hour to clear it. graphicpelling and video from the attack and turkish authorities have imposed a blackout on the distribution inside turkey of any materials concerning the aftermath and investigation of the explosion as the istanbul
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airport, that includes images that can lead to fear, panic, chaos and helps terror organizations. the white house was quick to send out a statement last night condemning the attack. president obama called the turkish president to express condolences and offer support. we expect to hear from him later today, our team coverage continues with megan hughes. obama in canada meeting with north american leaders, while on the campaign trail, donald trump was quick to seize the moment. >> it is bad and we have to get smart and we better get top. or we will not have much of a country left. reactingally in ohio, to the terrorist attack in his dental that killed at least 40 people, he signaled isis will be his top priority if elected. of theave to take care isis situation, they are spreading like wildfire. >> hillary clinton appeared at a town hall in california, she did not mention the attack.
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can do to try to agree more opportunities for you and your children and grandchildren. >> or campaign released a statement saying the attack strengthen our resolve to combat terrorism. the latest abc news-washington post poll shows clinton moved ahead of donald trump by 10 points after a closer result last month, perhaps in part due to her response to the orlando attack. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. gun controlacking and donald trump taking a harder stance on immigration, last night he reiterated his support for waterboarding our enemy. >> we have an enemy that is chopping off people's heads. >> donald trump make it the issue this afternoon as he rallies voters in maine, hillary clinton off the campaign trail, she is fundraising in california. we are on top of the new developments from istanbul all day long. the latest on air and online
12:07 pm we turn now to the forecast, what a difference 12 hours storms through parts of the region, toppling trees and power lines. today, a beautiful, sunny sky, a look at our forced -- first forecast. doug: look at this image from the howard owens science center in maryland, 71 degrees, beautiful picture, if you look at the high, thin clouds, much drier air overhead. off the surface, these cumulus clouds will not ring rain but show between the hot sunshine and the rain last night, bottom line, beautiful, 71 now in -- dew points starting to come down , frederick, do not pay attention, cannot possibly be -- the dew point cannot be higher than the air temperature but i am showing you these numbers
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dew point temperatures in the 50's, near 60, that is comfortable. temperatures eventually climb to 84, plenty of sunshine, just a lowerir weather clouds, humidity levels all across the board, not only today but most of tomorrow. sky, fresh clear breeze out of the northwest and as soon as we mention that, we pay attention to the south and west because tomorrow evening, a few showers could be working northward. an update on the fourth of july weekend in a couple of minutes. jummy: thank you. we turn to the district and police need your help finding a missing teenager. she was last seen monday in the 1300 block of randolph street northwest, wearing brown sandals and gray sweatpants, anyone with information is asked to call police. three people are in the hospital , one with critical injuries after a large tree fell on a private bus tranor
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was on the scene in arnold, maryland as crews used chainsaws to try to remove the timber. a freak accident, a large tree toppling onto this transport bus. you can see the heavy front end damage and a tow truck pulled the bus away, it is from the providence center, they care for disabled people, the male driver had very serious injuries, he was taken to baltimore shock from a hospital, his female passenger who is disabled was taken to anne arundel medical center with injuries but less severe. the southbound lanes of route two, you see some of the varying degrees and spray paint markings that the police department as they investigate this crash have left behind, that is a maryland state highway administration truck that has been called out and they are just finishing the work, a very
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to cut up this tree, easily 62 70 feet tall, it toppled over for no apparent reason and fell onto the roadway, hitting that bus, severely injuring the bus driver. that is the latest in arnold, maryland, kevin lewis, back to you. shop inerman mike's sub manassas reopened after this terrifying incident caught on thera, an suv slamming into sandwich shop during lunchtime yesterday, almost hitting a customer who was grazed, she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, police say the driver hit the gas instead of the brake and was given a citation. coming up, a police chase with a twist after an officer could not take down a suspect, someone else that then, the video and the latest coming up. and a bit later, one father taught his daughter was -- doug: and join me
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the folk life festival on the national mall, it is underway and the festival celebrating quite a milestone and coming up, we will tell you what regions are being celebrated and what you can see and hear and you can see it, what you can taste. a bit later, one father thought his daughter was taking the celtic race too far and he has gained internet fame. >> on the roads, and accident one laneavenue, blocked, if you are traveling northbound third street tunnel, single digits because of weekday roadwork, the big picture is not much to worry about around the capital beltway but focusing in on 66, delays as you head outbound, worked in place, this will be route 123 and because of this, dropped to down to 14 miles per hour. we did have some
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this evening on 66 eastbound and it still is but work on 66 westbound in gainesville is scheduled that they have rescheduled that for next week. we will keep you updated throughout the afternoon and into this evening about this project.
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jummy: a real-life action movie playing out in houston. a burglary suspect was on the run in an open field. the police vehicle took can down but he kept going and that is when a helicopter crew member gets off the chopper and tackles the suspect. the crew member says the crew decided to land when the suspect showed no signs of stopping. vice president joe
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is demanding a changing culture when it comes to cancer research, he made this declaration are in his daylong summit at howard university, the vice president called out drug companies for price increases that threatened to cut off federal funding for clinical studies as sales reports finding publicly in a timely fashion. biden: what is the justification when a life-saving drug is brought to market at the time it is brought to market it cost $26,000 a year and 15 years later, it cost $120,000, tell me, tell me, tell me? jummy: his son died from brain cancer last year. the summit is supposed to generate support for the obama administrations cancer moonshot effort which aims to double the rate of progress in the fight against cancer within five years. a popular annual event on the national mall has officially started and we are talking about
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festival, john gonzalez is live at the mall with the very latest, i see the good food. john: good afternoon. i knew i would mess it up. that means welcome. take a look, what hundreds are being told -- the festival is underway, officially and what a milestone. the 50th year for this very popular festival. let's go inside one of these tents to show you the goods. this festival celebrates different regions around the world, cultures, flavors, people of these places, this year, celebrating california. here are some of the typical foods of the basque country north of spain, being a stew, a desert -- bean stew.
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beanscalifornia celebrated, micros and immigrants today and the influence that the basque country has had on the west coast. >> this is our basque program music and dance and we welcome everybody to come in and sing, dance, we will have a wonderful variety from basque country and basque america. john: and really great food i understand. >> really great food. until fourthtival of july and takes a break in an picks up on the seventh and 10th on the national mall from 7:00 -- from 4th street to 7th street and it is free to the public. goodbye and basque. jummy: two you do as well, john. -- two you
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couple of days we get a different weather feature. let's enjoy what we have with sunshine and low humidity, comfortable temperature, if you fair weather clouds and no rain today. through the later afternoon, some low-level cloudiness may start to go away and more sunshine and drier air moves in. in northwesterly breeze at 12, 81 now in the nation's capital. this afternoon for biking, perfect, warm, a little breeze, legibility, topping out at 84 this afternoon. through the next couple of days, watching high-pressure, as long as we have that, dry and pleasant weather. it will move to the east the next couple of days, today, tonight, tomorrow, fine and comfortable, tomorrow evening, the high moves off any wins to the south and southwest and bringing moisture in in the way of cloudiness and maybe some showers by tomorrow
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perfect weather for the game tonight, no disruption at nationals park, upper-70's during the game. holiday weekend, metro, fine, saturday and sunday, look good, lesser chances of rain, though still a chance of showers and storms by monday afternoon or evening. the beaches it looks fine, plenty of sunshine, low-80's, late afternoon showers and storms if you are making the drive back home. the next seven days, gorgeous today. and tomorrow. takesow evening, humidity up and a front moves are away, maybe a few showers tomorrow night, a better chance of storms and showers friday and friday evening before a cold front moves in bringing drier weather for the weekend and comfortable sunshine. the fourth of july, showers and storms possible by two out of three weekend days, beautiful. jummy: duty barbecues on sunday. -- do the market is on sunday. --
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a father thought his daughter was taking too many selfies so he posted photos where he would mimic his daughter, that is my favorite, you know what happened next, his bottles went selfie, she thinks it is funny. changes being made to facebook, have already happened and many of you may not have noticed what is different. nasa, thes from hubble space telescope took a photo of this fireworks display in a small nearby galaxy, the dwarf galaxy resembles a skyrocket, researchers believe all galaxy started similar to
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jummy: a consumer alert, toyota has issued two recalls for millions of cost, the first recall involves fall the airbags on to hybrid vehicles, the previous and the lexis ct 28 200h, the vehicles may between 2010 and 2012, the inflator is in the airbags may have small cracks that could cause the airbags flight unexpectedly -- the airbags to inflate unexpectedly. that recall affects several toyota and lexus models between 2006 and 2015 for another recall. facebook like button on the web has a new look, the changes so subtle you probably did not notice it. they have just become his logo in favor of a thumbs-up icon, the goal is to get people to share more to the social media site, other changes included two new google chrome extensions. coming up, a final check ofh
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what is expected to get at least $70 million in an auction today. with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in?
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jummy: check out this picture from north carolina, a little girl screaming are running away from ap got in an animal park. -- running away from a peacock in an animal park. they were
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minutes of internet fame. doug: are they dangerous? jummy: they can be. they say diamonds are a girls best friend, the largest uncut diamond in the world auctioned in london today, the 1100 caret tennis ballize of a and expected to fetch $70 million, it is called -- it means our like in a local language and botswana for the language was -- where the diamond was discovered. doug: you have carpal tunnel syndrome in two minutes if you put that on your finger. lowtiful sunshine, humidity, 84, comfortable eagle tonight, clear, 65, thursday, sunshine, 85, maybe a few showers tomorrow night, the weekend looking good, we will update that coming up at 4:00. jummy: thank you for joining us. have a great day.
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>> i believe it was lao-tzu who said, "the journey to $1 million dollars begins with a single question," and that journey begins now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for this today? [cheers and applause] i hope you are 'cause we have a very special woman here. as a waitress at a country club, our returning contestant has been so close to so much money, and she's ready to make some of it hers. from boston, massachusetts, please welcome back emma crosby-smh. [cheers and applause] >> hi. >> hey. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> welcome back. [applause]


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